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Carpet Mills Outlet offers a wide range of solid hardwood and engineered flooring.

Our store stocks a diverse palette of beautiful hardwood species. From maple to exotic oks and everything in between.

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There is a huge variety of floorings available around the world, hardwood flooring being one of the most beautiful and highly sought after. Hardwood floorings draw inspiration from nature and make use of the natural beauty of woods and its unique patterns.

What is Hardwood flooring?

No one can beat the nature when it comes to beauty and creativity. Nature has blessed us with a wide variety of amazingly beautiful trees and their unique type of woods. Magnificence and uniqueness of each piece of wood are simply amazing. Hardwood flooring encompasses the natural shades and splendor of different varieties of wood to create beautiful patterns on the floors.

There is a broad range of hardwood flooring options available in the market. Some of the hardwood floorings make use of American classics like Maple and Oak while others are inspired from Asian exotics like Sandalwood.

Why buy from us?

The choices are in plenty for buying anything in this world, and the same goes for hardwood flooring. There is thousands of hardwood flooring stores throughout the world including us. But many qualities make us a better option than all our competitors, such as :–

Beautiful Designs

We have the most exotic and enchanting designs and textures when it comes to hardwood flooring. Our experts scout various locations and then select amazingly beautiful and alluring designs to offer our customers. You can see your exotic hardwood flooring dream come true with an endless variety of patterns and shades that we have.

A wide range of species

Each wood type carries its own charm and beauty. Nature has imparted unique personality to all woods available on earth. We offer all possible varieties of woods that can be used for hardwood flooring. Come and explore the most amazing and unique designs with us. We primarily deal in Oak, Maple, and Ash along with many other options available for hardwood flooring. We are amongst the best hardwood flooring stores for not many stores offer such an extensive variety of hardwood flooring.

Lasts a lifetime

The hardwood flooring options that we deliver possess excellent strength and usually last a lifetime. We make use of high quality woods and superior installation techniques to ensure the best hardwood floors to meet our client’s expectations. We offer solid wood flooring that remains in perfect shape for years and ensures best shades and patterns.

Add resale value to your home

The solid wood flooring that we offer to our clients is sturdy and remains intact for years. The patterns and shades of our hardwood floors remain as good as new even after years of usage. This augments the value of your home and adds to its resale value if ever you need to sell it off. Our amazing hardwood floors keep your home new and beautiful for many years.

Brands we Store

We are associated with a significant number of renowned brands throughout the world. We have delivered our hardwood flooring services to many clients throughout the world, and all of them are exceptionally satisfied with our work and services.

We are undoubtedly amongst the best hardwood flooring stores in the world and have a great collection of patterns and shades when it comes to hardwood flooring.

Flooring is an integral part of any interior environment ranging from home to office. Many different types of floorings are in trend at present, hardwood flooring being amongst the trendiest ones. Hardwood flooring not only imparts amazing beauty to the place but is also robust enough to last for years. It makes the place wonderful with its spectacular patterns and gorgeous shades.

Hardwood flooring makes use of different kinds of woods and installing it is a tricky task. Installation of hardwood flooring must be done carefully and cautiously to achieve best possible results. We are experts in this area and ensure best hardwood flooring installation for our clients.

Installations issues

Wood is not easy to fix. Hardwood flooring, being based on wooden blocks, is usually hard to fix and requires a lot of expertise. Fixing wooden blocks at specific locations is really challenging, especially when moisture and humidity content is high. High temperature and humidity create many issues during the installation of hardwood flooring and makes the entire process way tougher and time-consuming. Other than moisture and high temperature, soil and dust add to the complexity of hardwood flooring installation. Hardwood flooring installation demands zero soil and dust. To ensure smooth installation of hardwood flooring, one need to make sure clean surface that is free from soil and dust.

Hardwood flooring installation requires the use of chemicals and adhesives. These chemicals and adhesives sometimes contain toxic substances in them. In order to ensure clean and safe hardwood flooring installation, you must only use non-toxic adhesives.

Professional Help Required

Hardwood flooring installation requires professional help from a carpenter. It requires wooden blocks to be placed and fixed correctly. In order to ensure proper fixing of perfectly sized wooden blocks in hardwood flooring, it is necessary to cut and fix them according to the room size. A professional carpenter can ensure perfect installation.

Our expertise

We are amongst the leading names in the market when it comes to hardwood flooring. We have high quality wooden blocks with various different shades and patterns, and also ensure best hardwood flooring installation for all our clients. We make use of non-toxic adhesives required during the installation process of hardwood flooring. Moreover, we have a professional team of experts who are well versed in the correct techniques of hardwood flooring installation and provide smooth hardwood flooring installation services without damaging the surrounding area.

Amongst various trendy flooring styles, wood laminate flooring is amongst the most popular ones at present. Wood laminate flooring brings incredible beauty to the interior aesthetics of a room. Other than that it imparts wonderful looks to the place where it is used, it has become very popular in recent years due to a number of reasons such as :-

  • Cleaning and maintaining wood laminate flooring is very easy.
  • Installation of wood laminate flooring is quite easy as compared to the installation of traditional hardwood flooring.
  • Wood laminate flooring costs quite less as compared to its alternatives in the market.
  • It is also very durable and lasts for many years without any damage if handled properly.
More wood species, more options

Wood laminate flooring can be prepared using a wide variety of woods available. Nature has blessed us with amazingly beautiful and strong woods. Wood laminate flooring allows us to use many of them for flooring purposes.

Since the number of wood types that can be employed for preparing wood laminate flooring, it has resulted in the availability of more options for the same. With this flooring option, one can have multiple choices when it comes to shades and patterns. Wood laminate flooring thus offers plenty of options to everyone who is interested in it.

We have got a wide variety of patterns and shades for the wood laminate flooring. Our customers can choose from our amazing collection of wood laminate flooring so as to ensure that they achieve the look they desire for their interiors.

Solid Wood or Engineered wood:

Wood laminate flooring can be made using either solid wood or engineered wood. Both these are made up of 100% real wood but involve a significant difference in their construction process. We offer multiple varieties in both the categories. We have an extensive range of shades and patterns in the case of solid as well as engineered wood laminate flooring.

Solid wood floorings make use of a solid wood i.e. single piece of hardwood having 3/4 inch of thickness. Because of its high thickness, it can be sanded down multiple times.

Engineered wood is also made up of real wood, but it is different from solid wood. It consists of a layer of hardwood veneer glued to the topmost surface of hardwood or plywood core. Engineered wood floorings are easy to clean and maintain as compared to the hardwood floorings.

We offer both – engineered woods as well as the solid wood option for our clients and also provide extended warranty on the same.

Hardwood flooring is in trend at the moment, and most of the offices and homes are opting for the same. It not only enhances the charm of the place but also ensures high durability when it comes to flooring. As is the case with any other flooring option, hardwood flooring also demands proper care and maintenance to retain its beauty and strength over the period of years.

Tips to keep your hardwood flooring in excellent condition:

Maintaining and taking care of hardwood flooring is not that tough. With few precautions, you can go easily ensuring their longevity. Below are some of the facts that you must keep in mind and follow to ensure perfect shape for your hardwood flooring :–

  • To ensure shiny and scratch free hardwood flooring, you should avoid using damaged heels or spiked shoes on your floor.
  • Water or any kind of moisture would not do any good to your hardwood flooring. You should always avoid wet – mop or cleaning your hardwood flooring with water anyhow.
  • Avoid using cleaning agents that contain lemon, citrus or silicon to clean your hardwood flooring.
  • If you have pets, you must ensure that their nails are trimmed and paws are clean. This would add years to the life of your hardwood flooring.
How to clean?

Cleaning hardwood flooring is not a rocket science and only requires a little attention and care from your side. You should keep the following things in mind while cleaning your hardwood flooring :–

  • Make use of vacuum cleaner having a soft-bristle attachment to clean your hardwood flooring on a regular basis.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning methods like steel wool pads, metal scouring pads or scouring powders to clean your hardwood flooring. Using such things will make your hardwood flooring dull and scratchy within no time.
  • Avoid using wet – mop or any other moisture or water containing cleaning agent to clean your hardwood flooring.
How to maintain?

Maintenance of hardwood flooring is essential to preserve its strength and beauty over the years. There are many simple ways to maintain your hardwood flooring, as mentioned below :–

  • Make use of as many rugs and carpets as you can onto your hardwood flooring. Rugs and carpets save hardwood flooring from getting filthy and minimize its contact with soil and gravel.
  • Ensure proper and regular cleaning of your hardwood flooring to ensure the beauty and strength of your flooring over the years.