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Carpet remains unsurpassed in terms of comfort and appearance even in today’s market. It helps in create a cozy and warm environment. Carpet Mills Outlet stocks a diverse range of wall to wall carpet. Weather its a simple renovation to an extravagant new build, we have flooring that suits your needs.

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Carpets have always been the most favored form of home decor across the world. Carpeted floors have become more common in the recent years. These carpets help to give the place a snug look and also protect the flooring beneath. Carpets are being favored everywhere as people find it convenient to remove them and install them once more after it has been washed and cleaned. Carpet flooring adds a personality to the house or the workplace. They feel safe to walk on and provide comfort to the feet. All in all, carpets are the best buy in the space decor section for both the house and the office place.

We at Carpet Mills Outlet help you in creating a warm and cozy environment for any place you want. We understand the love people have for carpet tiles when it comes to home decor, and that is the reason why we wish to put a big smile on everyone’s face with our extensive range of carpet tiles. Our carpet tiles have been manufactured from high quality materials and have a very long usage life. They are very popular in Calgary and also the nearby regions.

Carpet flooring is considered to be the best for aesthetical enhancement in a living space. We believe that, with our perfect carpets, a normal household or workplace can be transformed into something majestic. For the last 35 years, we have proved our expertise in carpeting the floors all around Calgary. We make sure that all our carpeting solutions help in creating a wonderful living space for our customers.

If you wish to know as to why you need to choose our carpets for your space, then read further:-

  • Readily available home-installers for fixing the carpet flooring
  • Time and weather tested carpets
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Quality range of carpets from trusted brands
  • Onsite visit and consultation to help you select the best option

Carpet Mills Outlet has the best in range carpet flooring solutions all over Calgary. Some of the well known and trusted brands that you get to purchase from us for your space include:-


The stain free carpets from MOHAWK are a must have especially if you have a pet in the house. Choose from a wide range of designs and textures that suit you the best.


All your flooring and carpeting needs end here. Perfect for both home and the office, Shaw Flooring is well known for its high quality carpets and floorings. A commercial variety of carpeting is the most often purchased Shaw product from our outlet.


Carpets from Kraus are time tested and have been the favorite of the people in Calgary. These carpets fit perfectly to the existing structure and thus you need not worry about refurbishing the entire place to fix it.


Beaulieu flooring in Canada has some of the best designs and carpet patterns that give a fashionable look to the place that you live in.

With endless variety, superior quality and competitive prices, Carpet Mills Outlet is the ultimate destination for all your carpeting needs in and around Calgary.

Installing a carpet requires experience and precision. If you really know how to fix the carpet tiles in positions, you can very well go ahead and complete the entire process on your own. Carpet Mills Outlet gives you the option of getting the help from our home-installers if you are in need of help for laying the carpet tiles. The decision is entirely yours to make after you purchase the carpet flooring from us. Our services cover the entire area of Calgary and also the surrounding regions. If you have any kind of trouble choosing the type of carpet flooring for your space, our consultants would be glad to conduct an onsite evaluation to give you suggestions as to what would best suit your place.

In case you wish to install the carpet at home all by yourself, Carpet Mills Outlet is happy to lend a helping hand by providing you with steps to follow, which will assist you with installation of carpet at your place:-

  • Step 1: Clean out the subfloor area
  • Step 2: Remove the doors from the hinges for the time being
  • Step 3: Get the trackless strips ready
  • Step 4: Lay out the carpet
  • Step 5: Fix the seams in the carpet
  • Step 6: Trim the edges
  • Step 7: Stretch out the carpet flooring
  • Step 8: Trim out the sides that are in excess
  • Step 9: Place a support to ensure the carpet flooring rests evenly on the floor
  • Step 10: Make final adjustments to the carpet flooring
  • Step 11: Fix the carpet to the floor by stapling it to the floor

If you still feel that your carpet installation requires some kind of finesse or professional help, Carpet Mills Outlet is ready to assist you with the installation.

We can also assist in refurbishing your place with a new set of carpet tiles if your old ones have worn down. Carpet Mills Outlet helps in carpeting as well as re-carpeting the floors if the need be. After installing the carpet, we ensure that proper and timely maintenance services are provided to all our clients. This way, you do not have to worry about ruining of your carpet anymore.

Everyone seems to love the general idea of getting a wall to wall carpet for their living space. They create a sense of wholeness after proper installation. People generally lay down carpets to protect the flooring, if the place is going to receive many footfalls every day.

Wall to wall carpets provides a soft walking surface for people who like walking barefoot inside their house. One major reason why people prefer these wall to wall carpet tiles in residential areas is that the entire flooring is covered and no small place is left untouched. This way, even if a person walks close to a wall, they cannot ruin or feel the flooring beneath it.

In Calgary, this wall to wall carpet concept is very popular. There are various reasons as to why people prefer these wall to wall carpets for their households. We are listing some major reasons that were discussed with us by our clients, when we asked for the reason behind choosing the wall to wall carpet tiles for residential setting:-

  • Provides excellent insulation to the household especially during the cold seasons
  • Gives the house a look of luxurious living that is at par with that of the rooms in the luxury hotels
  • Reduces the incidences of falling down and getting hurt as these carpet tiles for residential setting provide good support for the feet with increased traction
  • Reduces the noise that is produced due to the TV set, speaker phones, computers and other modern electronic and electrical equipment
  • Wall to wall carpeting is known for its long lasting durability and prolonged lifetime even after bearing many footfalls
  • Wall to wall carpets is versatile when it comes to styles, patterns and designs
  • Cost for installing these wall to wall carpets is lower when compared to the hardwood flooring
  • They are pet-friendly and easy to maintain even with kids running around and spilling stuff on their way
  • Carpeting the floor with these wall to wall carpets would give the place a bigger look

Benefits extended to wall to wall carpets are numerous. If you are interested in the same for your home, you need not look beyond us. Just give us a call or visit us for more information.

Carpets enjoy a great popularity amongst the customers. In Calgary and all the surrounding areas, Carpet Mills Outlet has served nearly everyone and has catered to their carpet flooring needs. In the past few years, we have seen that just like every other utility industry in the market, carpet tiles have also been facing a lot of changes. Right from production to ensuring the durability, technology has helped a lot. This development in technology for carpet tiles was brought about after people wanted a change in the material that was being used in the carpets. For instance, individuals who suffered from some kind of lung and respiratory problems like asthma found it hard to live in a house that had woolen carpets. Not only is this, even allergies that affect a person have to be factored in during the production.

Advancement in the technology for manufacturing these carpet floorings has made a lot of difference in its texture, stitch and the fabrics being used. These new developments have contributed to the durability of the carpets. At Carpet Mills Outlet, our experts handpick the carpets after careful selection.

We make sure that only the best in the market is made available to our clients. If you are really not sure about the technology or the warranty documents regarding our carpets, you can always contact our team at Carpet Mills Outlet to get answers for your queries.

With that being said, we provide you a list of range of carpets that are currently new in the market and are manufactured using the latest technology in carpet flooring:-

  • Anti-stain carpets that have been made from solution based nylon dyes do not fade out easily and are highly durable.
  • Carpets are manufactured from recycled plastic to avoid any damage to the environment. These are resistant to all kinds of water based stains.
  • Triexta carpets are completely made from corn sugar yarns. Their appearance is very much similar to that of nylon and is very soft to walk upon.

Technological advancements have made it possible to increase the durability of the carpets. The warranty period for each type of the carpet flooring depends upon its specifications and features.

People usually have a tough time choosing the right set of carpet for their house. We, at Carpet Mills Outlet, understand that you only look out for the best for your house. We further understand how the right type of carpet flooring or carpet tiles for your house can create a beautiful living space for you and your family.

After helping out a lot of households in Calgary and the nearby areas, we have been able to put forth a list of points that every customer needs to keep in mind before buying carpet flooring or carpet tiles for the house. These are considered to be the basics that everyone needs to look into when they decide on buying the perfect carpet flooring for their living space.

Here are the things that every customer is required to know about when they have to buy carpet flooring for their house.

Colour of the carpet flooring:

Try choosing the color which suits the walls in the room. One main thing to keep in mind is that the color of the carpet might be slightly different from the one that can be seen in the catalog. Make sure to verify the color first before purchasing because you do not want the carpet to look odd in the room.


Whenever you plan to buy a loop carpet for the stairs, make sure that they bend at the right angle during installation.


This is the main factor that needs to be kept in mind. Take time to decide as the carpet tiles must definitely be worth the money you pay for them.


Before buying the carpet, get a service person to inspect your house to measure the square footage area for which you need the carpet flooring. Cost per square foot is the main form of calculation of the total cost so as to make sure that you do not end exceeding your budget.

Warranty period:

Every company has specific warranty specifications of their own. Make sure you are well informed about what all aspects are covered under the warranty to make sure you make the right buy.

By exercising a little bit of caution, you can ensure that you get the best carpet flooring option for your place.

Nowadays, tiles are in trend to beautify floor, walls and countertops. A wide variety of tiles, made up of different materials, are available in the market, and all these come in a huge range of designs and colors. Tiles make your floor, walls, and countertops amazingly beautiful, something that is not possible otherwise. Tiles are known for their resistance towards water along with ease of cleaning and long life with proper maintenance.

Following are the varieties of tiles that are widely available:

  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Accents Tiles
  • Carpet Tiles
Why tiles need care?

Tiles come in amazingly beautiful designs and colors and are highly resistant to dirt. But grit and sand cause tiles to lose their shine and become smooth surface with time. In order to maintain the real beauty and shine of tiles, you must ensure proper care and cleaning of wall and floor tiles. Cleaning and maintenance also add on to the life of the tiles. Carpet tiles, as well as tiles on our walls and countertops, demand regular cleaning and maintenance to retain their beauty and patina. Moreover, dirt and soil also lead to abrasion of Carpet tiles making them distasteful.

How to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of tiles?

Carpet tiles are most prone to dust and gravel. Tiles on the walls and at all other places also get grubby with time and require proper cleaning at regular intervals. The most basic means to keep tiles neat and clean is to use vacuum cleaners. After vacuuming the Carpet flooring to remove any debris, you can head to use any cleaning products to clean your tiles. You should damp-mop your Carpet tiles at least once a week to ensure their long life.

Apart from the above mentioned basic maintenance and cleaning process, special tiles require specific cleaning. The most common tile types are described below :–

Glazed Tiles

You should clean your glazed tiles regularly using an all-purpose, non-oil-based cleaner. You can use a multipurpose spray cleaner to eliminate hard water deposits, soap scum and mildew from the wall tiles.

Unglazed Tiles

To clean unglazed tiles, you should make use of concentrated tile cleaners having a neutral pH. The pH-balanced tile cleaners ensure safe and easy removal of oils, grease or any normal spills.