Laminate Flooring

Choose Our High-Performance Laminate Floors Calgary For High Traffic Areas


Carpet Mills Outlet offers a wide range of laminate flooring. We recommend laminate flooring to customers who are on a budget and want that hardwood look.

Our high quality laminates are designed to stand heavy traffic, scratches and everyday the wear and tear.

Our Laminate Gallery

    For those people who want hardwood floors for their house but if you are on a budget constraint, then the laminate flooring is the right option for you. Having the same appearance as that of the hardwood floors, the laminate floor tiles would give you the same durability that you can see in the former. Needless to say, this is one of the fast selling ranges of home decor accessories in the market. Regardless of the type of flooring, the laminate flooring can be installed in the household without much effort.

    Types of laminate floors

    Carpet Mills in Calgary is the one stop shop where you can purchase a wide range of laminate floors for your place. You never have to worry about the quality, as we hand pick each and every flooring tile to make sure there is no mistake. Some of the types of laminate tiles that are available with us include,

    • High pressure laminate floors that are made by combining more than one laminate tile
    • Direct pressure laminate flooring
    • Laminate floor thickness
    Wood laminate flooring

    The range in the laminate flooring arises as a result of the materials used for its production and also with the thickness in which it has been produced.

    Why choose us?

    Choosing Carpet Mills in Calgary is the best thing that you can do for your house. If you wonder why, here are few reasons,

    • Superior quality flooring
    • Full assistance
    • Years of experience in business
    • Wide range of products available

    After having purchased the wood laminate flooring, it is time for you to decide if you plan on getting a professional to install the floor for you or if you wish to do the work on your own. Either way is possible for the laminate floor installation. The only thing remains to understand is to check if you have all the right resources to install the laminate flooring on your own. Carpet Mills in Calgary offers you two options after you have purchased the wood laminate flooring from us.

    Getting professional help or installing on your own

    It is a common practice among the people to get the professionals to do the installation work for them in their households. In some cases, they might change their mind and in order to work out the expenses, they might plan to do the work on their own. We have seen many people hiring professionals for installation of laminate floors especially for places that are frequented by people. If you wish to install the laminate flooring on your own, here is a simple procedure that you can follow.

    • Make sure that the surface that needs to be covered is levelled
    • Clean the floor to remove debris
    • Remove the doors from the frame
    • Lay out the underlayment before actually laying down the tiles
    • Lay down the laminate tiles one by one
    • Trim around the edges if there is excess
    • Press down the floor using a towel

    The requirements of the clients keep changing. It is necessary for the manufacturers to design the materials that would suit the needs of the customers if they wish to stay in the business. Keeping this in mind, Carpet Mills has a vast range of laminate flooring types that have been produced and manufactured using the cutting edge technology that is now available in the market. These improved technologies followed by the manufacturers, has given us a chance to prepare the laminate floors exactly in the way that our clients want.

    If you wonder why we require such improved technologies, you need to know that through this, we are able to present you with new ranges of wood laminate flooring that would add beauty to your house. Along with this, the technology would positively increase the durability and other physical properties of the laminate floors. When we talk about technologies being used in laminate flooring, we mean to talk about the various types of printing presses and patterns that are being used. This happens to be the reason why we are able to produce the wood laminate flooring that would support heavy duty items.

    Warranty specification

    Every household product that you purchase comes with a warranty period and it is no different in the case of the laminate floors. We calculate the period from the time you have purchased the product from us. Make sure to check the specifications as this would give you a clear information about the repairs and replacements that come under the warranty.

    Laminate flooring, just like the regular floors, requires constant care and maintenance. If you wish to have the flooring in your house for a long period of time, then it is imperative that you follow a set of maintenance procedures. These tips have been put forward by people who have already used the floors and thus would help you in the longer run. Floors receive large amount of footfall every day. Thus make sure to clean the surface and maintain it properly, if you do not wish to spend on repairs for the laminate floors.

    Carpet Mills has received several queries from clients who are in need of the right set of wood laminate flooring care techniques. If you see, due to the variety in the types of flooring available, you cannot presume that all the types of floors would be having the same maintenance procedure. On the other hand, the basic cleaning techniques remain the same for every surface. Keeping that in mind, make sure to follow the right instruction while cleaning the laminate flooring.

    If you still have doubts with cleaning the wood laminate flooring, here is a set of instructions that would help take care of your laminate floors.

    • Spillage of any form needs to be removed instantly and must not be allowed to remain for a long time
    • Use a mild detergent, or better use a soap free cleaner
    • Vacuum the place that receives large amount of footfall
    • Do not polish, wax or use liquids that remains on the floor even after cleaning
    • Do not use cleaners that might scratch the surface of the floors