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CCarpet Mills Outlet offers a wide collection of vinyl and vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl Plank Flooring is relatively new in the industry and rapidly gaining popularity. Vinyl Plank flooring can create that hardwood look while providing durability and moisture resistance at reasonable price.

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      Relatively a new product under home decor section in the market, vinyl flooring is the latest addition in the range of flooring materials that can be purchased for the households. Currently, this particular product is gaining popularity among all the households in the world. Needless to say, this particular type of flooring can be used as a substitution for the ceramic tiles. If you take a close look at this vinyl flooring, you can see that they share the same resemblance to the ceramic and the glazed tiles that are also used for the households.

      Carpet Mills in Calgary, offers wide range of different types of luxury vinyl flooring tiles that can be installed in households. Coming to the benefits of this particular type of flooring, you can see that these tiles are very much easy to maintain and clean. One other advantage of this material is that, if you tend to walk around the house barefoot, especially during the winter, the flooring would give you the right level of warmth even in the cold.

      Why buy Vinyl flooring from us?

      Before you choose the product, take a look at the range of vinyl flooring that we offer to our clients. If you wish to know as to why you need to choose us in Calgary, here are few reasons

      • Wide range of options to choose from
      • Customer testimonials are the proof for our credibility
      • Full support for maintenance and installation
      • Products sold are of high quality

      Now that you have purchased the luxury vinyl flooring tiles, it is time to decide if you wish to install them on your own or if you plan to call the professionals for the work. We at Carpet Mills in Calgary provide the option of hiring our professional team for installing the vinyl flooring or if you wish, you can complete the entire installation process on your own. Whatever the case may be, we offer full support to our clients for the installation and also for the purpose of maintaining flooring after you have set down the tiles on your own.

      Professional help or DIY

      Before you decide upon the installation process, think about how you want your flooring to be. One of the reasons why people tend to choose professional help over doing the work on their own is because, with the help from professionals, the work can be done perfectly, without any trouble. This will come handy if you plan on installing the luxury vinyl flooring tiles in a place that is seen by everyone from the outside. If you think you need to cut costs, then installing the vinyl flooring by yourself is the best option.

      Self installation

      Here is a small guide for DIY installation:

      • Prepare the subfloor
      • Prepare the flooring and lay the tiles
      • Glue down the tiles to the floor of the house
      • Rub down the surface using a towel
      • Cut or trim the edges that are in excess

      As we know it, luxury vinyl flooring tiles are becoming very popular in the world today. Due to its easy maintenance and versatility, this particular type of flooring is now being the most sought after material everywhere. Nonetheless, manufacturers are now trying to come up with new and improved manufacturing methods for this type of vinyl flooring. If you can see, Carpet Mills is stocked with a wide range of these luxury vinyl flooring tiles, which have been manufactured and produced using the cutting edge technology that has been perfected over the period of time.

      Need for improved technologies

      If manufacturers of vinyl flooring do not change their pattern in production, they would be ending up with the same old range of flooring tiles that might become stagnant over a period of time. Clients are looking for a change and they would stop purchasing from a place if they find that the place does not offer varieties in their range of vinyl tiles. Improved technologies bring with them the need for adding special materials that improves the overall properties of the resulting product.

      Use of the new technologies and warranty

      As you can see the need for these improvements in the vinyl tiles, you can notice that the tiles produced in this manner seem to have better physical properties and are durable than the previous ones. Plasticizers or additives are basically used in the manufacture of the vinyl tiles today. Along with them substances like non-phthalates are also being used. Warranty specifications might vary with product and must be referred to before purchase.

      Purchasing the luxury vinyl tiles is simply not enough. You must also make sure to take proper care of them after you have installed them at your house. If they are let off without any form of maintenance, then the vinyl flooring will lose its value and you would need to spend once more on the purchase of the tiles from the market. If you wish to prevent such expenses, it is advisable to give these flooring tiles the right type of care and maintenance that they deserve.

      As is the case, due to the range of luxury vinyl tiles availability in the market, you need to keep in mind that the procedure for cleaning these tiles might vary. Nonetheless, the procedure and the tips that can be used for general cleaning of the vinyl flooring remains the same for every different type of tiles.

      At Carpet Mills, we hereby provide a set of maintenance tips that can be easily followed to take care of the flooring after you have installed it in your household.

      • Place a doormat on the floor to avoid any form of dirt or chemical from touching the tiles
      • Use mild methods for cleaning the floor rather than using any kind of heavy duty cleaners for the floor
      • Use a cleaner that would suit your floor well. For instance, use a no-wax cleanser for the floor if you have installed a no-wax vinyl tiles
      • Rinse the surface with clean water after using soap and never let the water retain back